Snapchat Story-Sized Humanity

What brings you to your favorite social networks? Is it the people that you know you’ll find there or the topics and content that you know you’ll be able to discover? In this episode of Community Signal, we dive deep into what Chris Brogan, a digital marketing expert and New York Times bestselling author, thinks he wants from social networks and conversely, how he observes his children using Twitter, SoundCloud, and more.

The gaming industry is at the forefront of this conversation. Chris and Patrick discuss the unique social engineering behind the Nintendo Switch and how other hardware items, like digital photo frames, really need to catch up.

All this, plus:

  • Teens forecasting the future of content and internet platforms
  • Fortnite and the Queen’s gaming preferences
  • The reckoning coming to the way we work

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Big Quotes

“Kids are faster than we ever were. They’re using smaller bites. The right word might be a symbol or package or something where they’re making a reference to something where the word no longer actually is the direct literal translation, but now has a whole different set of meanings.” -@chrisbrogan

“We’re going to get down to Snapchat story-sized humanity. When a lot of people hear me say that, they scoff and go, ‘Kids these days.’ I’m thinking, ‘What if they’re right? What if stories are too bloated?’ Spider-Man: Homecoming is the best Spider-Man movie ever made because they didn’t bother telling us the origin story because guess what? We’ve all known it since like 1964.” -@chrisbrogan

“I think that there is such an absolute disservice being done to educating entrepreneurship in this country right now for the digital space. We still have a tough time explaining to small towns that you actually don’t need jobs that reside in the town where your house is. That you could actually work on the internet anywhere on the Earth and just happen to get your WiFi from that town. There’s a schism and I don’t know what’s going to really change it, but I know that there’s a huge reckoning coming where a lot of people are going to suddenly realize, ‘Oh, I need a new way of doing work.'” -@chrisbrogan

About Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is a digital marketing expert advisor and the CEO of Owner Media Group. He’s worked with brands like Google, Pepsi, Disney, Sony Electronics USA, Comcast, and Microsoft. He is a professional keynote speaker and the New York Times bestselling author of nine books, the latest of which is Find Your Writing Voice. He is engaged to Jacqueline Carly, and between the two of them, have three wonderful kids. Chris lives in northern Massachusetts.

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