Why Ubisoft Created a Community Content Team

Ubisoft’s community content team helps the gaming company’s community developers and managers by creating polished content, inspired by and sometimes derived from the community.

After spending time as a community developer himself, Zack Cooper was tapped to start this team, and has led it for the last 3 and a half years. We discuss:

  • How the community content team benefits the community team
  • Zack’s favorite stories of content that has come from the community
  • If this model could make sense in other industries

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Big Quotes

“I am absolutely in love with community creations as a whole. I think it’s important that, as a community team, we create an environment that allows people to share written word on a forum, Reddit post, tweets, whatever it may be. Art is such a wonderful form of expression. We see that in fan art. We see that in cosplay… if we can prop up an artist and showcase some of their work, provide them with a wider range of eyeballs, that’s a great thing.” -@Z_Cooperstown

“The mission [of community developers in gaming] is always to ensure that the development process is humanized and that people understand that games aren’t made in a vacuum by robots, that it is real people [working on them].” -@Z_Cooperstown

“[Having an in-house community content team] speaks to flexibility and affordability. It allows us to ensure that our productions are indeed completed with the passion that we hope to get from the community, as well. The team that I lead is filled with people who also play and love games, so they’re familiar with what it is that we are doing. This ensures that we’re able to look at it through the lens of the player.” -@Z_Cooperstown

About Zack Cooper

Zack Cooper is community content lead at Ubisoft, working with their community teams around the world to help tell great stories. He started at Ubisoft Toronto in March of 2012, fresh off the birth of his first daughter, following an 11-year career in radio broadcasting. Zack was a reporter, talk show host, and sports anchor, while hosting a video game show on the side. He appreciates quality and creative storytelling and has a passion for music, both of which help maintain sanity amid all the stresses of everyday life.

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