Sponsor Community Signal

Sponsoring Community Signal is like sponsoring a series of independent conferences for community professionals, where your company is mentioned at the start, and then we pause in the middle to talk about your product offering. Our show reaches a targeted audience of community managers, directors of community and community-focused executives.

This is a group that controls or influences the budget for community spending at the organizations where they work. They guide the decisions made on vendors and services, used in the course of community building, customer service, support and retention.

What’s Included?

Our podcast sponsorships are limited to 2 companies per episode. This includes:

  • A brief brand mention at the start of the episode
  • A 30 second advertisement, read or ad-libbed by the host, during the show
  • Your logo included on the post for the episode on our website, linked to the webpage of your choosing
  • Linked mentions of your company in our episode transcripts

In accordance with Google guidelines, all links are nofollowed.

What Does It Sound Like?

Please listen to these actual episode audio clips featuring previous sponsors of the show:

Who Listens to Community Signal?

Here’s a sampling of our listeners and what they think about the show.

Ads Embedded in Audio Files

Your ads will be recorded as part of the episode itself, included in the .mp3 file that we release. This means that more qualified listeners will continue to learn about your brand and the sponsorship will continue to deliver value long after the term has ended.

Quick and Painless Process

We have a simple one page agreement. Once it is signed, the payment is made. All links and sponsored messaging are subject to approval by both host and advertiser. The ads go live and you receive reports of download stats for the episodes you have sponsored, every two weeks.

Sponsorship Integrity

We are grateful for the support of sponsors, and we always want to have a positive relationship with the companies that support our program. However, it is important to note that Community Signal serves community professionals, not the companies that serve our industry.

The independence of the show is paramount because the moment when our independence is compromised, we no longer serve community professionals, and our program becomes less valuable. Because of this, we put various protections in place and we believe in these so strongly, they are included in our sponsor agreements.

Sponsors are not permitted to provide input on the direction of the show or future guests. They are not entitled to advance knowledge of the content of future episodes. Sponsorship is not an endorsement by the show or host. We do not accept blacklists of companies from sponsors who wish to prevent their competitors from sponsoring the show or their employees from appearing on it.

However, in order to preserve the value for our sponsors, we don’t allow direct competitors to sponsor the same episode of our podcast. But if one company is sponsoring episodes 1, 3 and 5, then their competitor is welcome to sponsor 2, 4 and 6.

We only want to work with sponsors who understand that the show’s integrity is what makes it valuable to listeners and, because of that, sponsors. We aim to have the highest ethical standards for sponsors in the community industry.

Rates and Download Stats

For our rates and download stats, please contact us. It’s a simple, short, no pressure conversation. We won’t annoy you, and would love to hear from you. Please use the form below or email host Patrick O’Keefe at patrick@ifroggy.com. Thank you for your time and consideration.

We'd love to hear more about your company, why you'd like to reach our listeners, when you would like the campaign to start, and any ideas that you might have for sponsorship.
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