Combating the Biases That Lead to Unequal Credit

Carrie Melissa JonesWith an eye on the conscious and unconscious biases that lead to the contributions of women being overlooked and undervalued, this episode focuses on credit. Sharing it, taking it and ensuring it reaches those who have earned it; not just those who are the loudest.

My guest is Carrie Melissa Jones, the COO and founding partner at CMX. They recently released Keys to Community Readiness and Growth, a study aimed at helping brands prepare for success in their online community efforts. Plus:

  • The balance between praising the community and recognizing your own accomplishments
  • Celebrating churn
  • How CMX hopes to collaborate with other industry resources

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Here’s a Plan That Will Increase Customer Advocacy by 25%

Jay BaerWhen a company responds to a complaint posted in an online forum, they receive a greater boost to customer advocacy than when responding to complaints lodged through phone, email, social media or review sites.

This is according to a new study conducted by Jay Baer, for his latest book, Hug Your Haters. This episode focuses on modern customer service and how you can exceed customer expectations by understanding the untapped value of online forums and communities you don’t control. Plus:

  • How companies react when Jay tells them they should be in forums
  • Why customer support is a career opportunity for community professionals
  • The myth of call deflection

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Copyright (and the DMCA) for Community Professionals

Jonathan BaileyCopyright can seem like a big, intimidating topic. But it’s one of the most important areas of law for the online community builder, because we are constantly working with content. Sometimes our own, but mostly the content of others.

This episode is all about helping you to understand how copyright impacts your work. My guest is Jonathan Bailey, a copyright consultant at CopyByte and the author of Plagiarism Today, a respected publication on matters of copyright and intellectual property. Plus:

  • How the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) works
  • The copyright ramifications of animated GIFs
  • Who owns the content posted on your community

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Fan Sites and Angry Community Members

David DeWaldCompanies mishandle fan sites all the time. If you are lucky enough to have fans building resources and communities around your products, services or talents, you have something really special on your hands. Don’t ruin it.

David DeWald’s experience in community is diverse. He created a large, successful gaming fan site. Then, he leveraged that success to land a job in the industry, working at Acclaim Games and Bioware. In recent years, he has been building community for B2B companies, and Carbon Black. On this episode, we bridge these worlds, including:

  • The pros and cons of Jive-x (and enterprise software in general)
  • How to win over an angry or even “trollish” community member
  • That time I was threatened with a rapper’s entourage

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Community Professionals Should Own Retention

Evan HamiltonEvan Hamilton believes that community professionals should own retention. I’m a believer. If you read the description of the show in the sidebar, you’ll find this: “Marketing brings new customers. Community helps you keep them.”

This is a great way to communicate the business value of community. Rather than saying it’s about engagement or having a conversation, it’s about keeping our customers and increasing their lifetime value. Plus:

  • How commitment curves help plot a course for user contributions
  • Why free speech can be problematic for online communities
  • The legality of online community volunteers

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Community Signal Will Return Next Week

Unfortunately, the next episode of Community Signal will not be released on February 1, as expected. The show will return on February 8.

An episode was recorded, and while the content was great, the audio quality was not. Rather than push out a grainy episode (that can be re-recorded at a later date), I have decided to simply skip this week and get back on track next week. I apologize for the delay.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Online Community Software Must Improve Upon the Word Censor

Brian PontarelliFiltering technology is essential for large online communities and can be beneficial for communities of all sizes. But I almost never hear community and forum software vendors talk about it. Most communities are simply stuck with a basic word censor. Why?

That’s one of the questions I asked Brian Pontarelli on this episode of Community Signal. He’s the CEO of Inversoft, a leader in filtering tech for online communities. Plus:

  • Filtering systems that involve the user and don’t simply remove their post
  • The benefits of unified user management
  • Why Inversoft caters to smaller online communities

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How Community Management Can Impact All Areas of Management

Venessa PaechThe principles of good community management can benefit more than just professionals in our industry. They can be applied by managers and executives in other disciplines, helping them to be more effective leaders.

Venessa Paech is an example of this. With a strong community background, and time spent building communities for Lonely Planet and REA Group, she recently transitioned to a new role, as the global communications head for Envato. Plus:

  • Why communities need finishing moments
  • Is community management an art – or a science?
  • The online community that connected Venessa with her future husband

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Self-Care for Community Professionals

Sherrie RohdeThere are people who believe that, in order to be a community professional, you must always be connected. Because the internet is always on, so must we be. But if you follow that belief to its logical conclusion, it ends in burnout.

We have to take care of ourselves. That’s a big topic on this episode, with guest Sherrie Rohde, who is the community manager for Magento and co-producer of #CMGRHangout. Plus:

  • Why community management isn’t for “rock stars”
  • The volunteer to community manager career path
  • Why good support forums need members who aren’t experts

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Learning from Theme Park Design

Scott MooreIt’s a new year and, as such, there is no shortage of people making predictions about the future of our industry. Don’t forget: the future isn’t what we predict – it’s what we (you!) do.

Scott Moore is my guest this week. He’s been working in community for more than 20 years, having spent time at Fujitsu, the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation and We talked about how you can build empathy in your online community, plus:

  • What the early community management conferences were like
  • How you can encourage members who get off to a bad start in your community
  • What community professionals can learn from theme park design

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