How Community Management Can Impact All Areas of Management

Venessa PaechThe principles of good community management can benefit more than just professionals in our industry. They can be applied by managers and executives in other disciplines, helping them to be more effective leaders.

Venessa Paech is an example of this. With a strong community background, and time spent building communities for Lonely Planet and REA Group, she recently transitioned to a new role, as the global communications head for Envato. Plus:

  • Why communities need finishing moments
  • Is community management an art – or a science?
  • The online community that connected Venessa with her future husband

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Big Quotes

“I think that if we focus exclusively on metrics, we are losing something, just as if we focused exclusively on feels.” -@venessapaech

“Community is my art. When I look at a well-run online community, I don’t see an Excel spreadsheet. I see fine art.” -@patrickokeefe

“Fundamentally, so much of social has come down to social marketing and a new form of advertising. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but where I get concerned is where it intersects with community, and I do think the two terms are used interchangeably. I don’t think this is about pedantry or wanting to claim one or the other. I don’t think either is lesser or greater than. They function differently, they function in complement, and they can function in counterpoint – if you’re not working them in harmony.” -@venessapaech

“I think it’s very dangerous to associate somebody who’s the life of the party, and a bit of a networking superstar, with community skills.” -@venessapaech

“Whatever [your community members are] there for and showing up for, to achieve over time as a group, how can you work with your community to carve out small tasks, small moments along the way where they can hang their hat on something and truly feel the sense of achievement? Those moments really give them a feeling of accomplishment. They absolutely deepen that shared sense of community.” -@venessapaech

About Venessa Paech

Venessa Paech is the global communications manager for Envato. She has built and managed a large array of online communities for multi-national brands, startups, governments and non-profits, including travel publishers Lonely Planet and REA Group (who own and operate the $5 billion dollar ASX-listed

In 2009, she founded the Australian Community Manager Roundtable and, in 2011, co-founded Swarm, Australia’s first and only community management conference. In 2015, she commissioned and released the first Australian Community Management career survey with Quiip and Dialogue Consulting.

Venessa has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in musical theatre from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and a Master of Arts degree in virtual ethnography from the University of Brighton. She is a published scholar on online communities, and a speaker and consultant on communities and cultures.

In 2016, Venessa is launching a new consultancy with Swarm co-founder Alison Michalk, called Future Culture, that applies community management methodologies to organizational challenges, such as employee engagement and remote teams.

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