Combating the Biases That Lead to Unequal Credit

Carrie Melissa JonesWith an eye on the conscious and unconscious biases that lead to the contributions of women being overlooked and undervalued, this episode focuses on credit. Sharing it, taking it and ensuring it reaches those who have earned it; not just those who are the loudest.

My guest is Carrie Melissa Jones, the COO and founding partner at CMX. They recently released Keys to Community Readiness and Growth, a study aimed at helping brands prepare for success in their online community efforts. Plus:

  • The balance between praising the community and recognizing your own accomplishments
  • Celebrating churn
  • How CMX hopes to collaborate with other industry resources

Big Quotes

“Regardless of who you are as a leader of the community, it’s important to check your bias, check your privilege, at every turn. I think that’s important for everyone to do at all times, actually; it’s just a good way to live.” -@caremjo

“[People say,] ‘well, women should step up, they should do what men do, which is, go out and apply for opportunities, like promotions and new jobs.’ But the truth is that a lot of women, they are not socially encouraged to do that most of their lives. You have to actually pull them out, and it’s important to do that for any kind of quieter voice in your community.” -@caremjo

“In the communities that we’re building, we should be thinking about what do people actually want from their lives? As a community builder, it can be your job to help people realize their dreams.” -@caremjo

“I think it’s always important, as a community leader, to be thinking about what’s the next step after my community? Where do people go after this?” -@caremjo

“It’s really important to think about, at all turns, ‘how can I help my community members become better versions of themselves?’ … That’s the ultimate top of the commitment curve. They graduate from being a leader in your community to being a leader out in the world, and they’ll always be ambassadors for what you did for them. If you want to look at the value of that, they will be advocates until the very end.” -@caremjo

About Carrie Melissa Jones

Carrie Melissa Jones is the COO and founding partner of community industry resource CMX. Formerly the director of content, she’s spent the last year and a half focusing on interviewing the world’s top community builders both known and unknown as well as creating content for CMX’s workshops, ebooks, training programs and research.

In her new role, she is responsible for setting CMX on a path to a long-term operational success. Previously, Carrie consulted for dozens of companies all over the world like Coursera, Socratic,, by Om Malik, The 50/50 Pledge and ran a community at Scribd, a reading app with over 80 million users. She got her starting community at Chegg where she built and engaged a community of 20,000 academic experts.

Prior to community, Carrie worked in publishing for several years. She holds a degree in english literature and communications from UCLA. She lives in Seattle, Washington, with her dog, Bruce Wayne.

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