How Gaming Community Knowledge Translates to Other Industries

On Community Signal, we talk to community professionals across all industries, from gaming, to healthcare, to photography, and more. And while our respective communities might convene over different topics, the tactics and tools that we employ to foster healthy communities are largely the same. In this episode, Craig Dalrymple shares how his community career started in gaming and how that knowledge has carried him into other industries. 

Patrick and Craig also get on the topic of customer success, the rise of roles in this space, and how community professionals can have an impact. But no matter what team you’re on or what your title is, what’s most important is that you feel empowered in your role and that you have the tools to succeed. As Craig says (8:48): “Can I do something here? Can I move the needle? Can I take this community and make it happier and bind it better with this product that they’re getting together around?”

They also discuss:

  • Balancing being yourself and a community manager in your online presence
  • Finding opportunities to surprise and delight (potential) customers outside of your community
  • When your employer wants metrics they won’t adequately give you access to

Big Quotes

Adapting your discipline to your company’s org structure (7:55): “I’ve always tried to think like a chameleon. Whenever you go into a company, they’re going to put you where they think you belong. … This is just another version of that question of where does the community person belong? For me, it’s can you have a satisfactory job? Because if you don’t have a satisfactory job, in my opinion, if you’re not happy working, that’s the time to question your job. But if you can have a job that you’re satisfied with and have the impact you want, it doesn’t matter where they put you.” -Craig Dalrymple

Determining your company’s success language (21:09): “I’ve always taught people to figure out what the language of success is at [your workplace]. It doesn’t matter what it was in your last job, it’s where you’re at right now. What does this company respond to? What resonates and gets everybody to go, ‘Oh, that’s important.'” -Craig Dalrymple

About Craig Dalrymple

Craig Dalrymple got his start in online communities when he helped configure Confer as a class discussion tool for his alma mater, Western Michigan University. Since then, Craig has served in the US Army and later found his way back into gaming communities by way of Sony, Zynga, and more.

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