The Holy Grail of Community Management

Sarah HawkLaunching a podcast is a lot of fun! I’ve really enjoyed hearing from people who discovered the show following last week’s first episode.

This week, I talk with my friend Sarah Hawk, who I’ve known for many years, even before she joined the community industry and became a respected member of it. She is now the head of community at FeverBee and manages community efforts for UXMastery.

Sarah focuses on building addictive communities through smart software, UX and persuasive design. We touched on those topics, plus:

  • The experience you gain as a volunteer moderator
  • The difference between agency and brand-side community roles
  • What Sarah feels is the holy grail of community management

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Big Quotes

“It’s great to get someone to build something for you, but if you can’t manage it yourself, then there’s no point in having it.” -@ilovethehawk

“I would recommend for any community manager that’s having trouble with upkeeping of engagement, that you look at your notification systems.” -@ilovethehawk

“The value of each of those badges is obviously zilch, because if you’ve only got to make one post to get all of those things, then you haven’t had to do very much work.” -@ilovethehawk

“I wish that I was in a position that my platform was so amazing that I had time and money to spend on changing a star to a heart.” -@ilovethehawk

About Sarah Hawk

Sarah Hawk is a community strategist and platform specialist with more than a decade of experience managing technical and UX communities. Now head of community for FeverBee, Sarah manages FeverBee Experts and is passionate about the psychology of community. Currently working in that magic place where technology and people collide, Sarah loves helping people to build addictive community platforms. She’s on Twitter at @ilovethehawk.

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