The Making of Community Signal (Episode #100)

For the 100th episode of Community Signal, we’re talking about the show itself. How it came to be, what drives it and how we make it each week.

My guest is the producer of all 100 episodes, Karn Broad. Karn is my creative partner in the show, but if he does his job well, you never think about it. This episode really gives you a sense of the rapport than Karn and I have, and how we work together every week to produce Community Signal. Plus:

  • How Karn and I met
  • Why I ended the first community management podcast that I hosted
  • The process of creating the show each week

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Big Quotes

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About Karn Broad

Amongst a large variety of work, Karn Broad has spent over 20 years in the audio world, and has been involved in web design for over 10 years, making websites for small businesses and working in software support for a web design package called RapidWeaver for Realmac Software. He spent several years as the producer of the SitePoint Podcast, which is where we met and built our working relationship.

His direct experience in community is as a user of several forums and as a moderator for the RapidWeaver user forums.

Currently, in addition to producing Community Signal, Karn works in education with children that have specific learning needs, plays bass (sometimes double-bass, sometimes electric bass) in three different live bands, and teaches both guitar and music production. He likes things busy.

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