Students Who Use the Community Pass More Exams – and Pay More Tuition

While at online education company Penn Foster, Daniel Marotta was able to prove that not only did students who participated in their online community take more exams and pass more exams, but they also paid more tuition and defaulted less on their tuition.

Now at the largest provider of employer-sponsored child care, Daniel just launched a brand new community, and it’s always fun to talk to someone in the middle of a launch. Plus:

  • Using community as a value-add to employer-provided benefits
  • Jive Software’s decision to sell their external community business to Lithium
  • Making gamification meaningful

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Big Quotes

“I think anywhere we can take negative feedback and be part of that conversation, and work with the customer to improve our processes and services, that’s where we can have the biggest impact.” — @MassMarotta

“In some cases, you’re pinning your career, or at least your time at that company, on to this software decision. It’s such a big investment, where if it doesn’t go right, it could literally mean your job. That’s got to be a scary thing.” — @patrickokeefe

“It’s fun for me to dive into what we’re trying to achieve with gamification. How do we change that behavior with a member of the base to actually achieve that result? There’s an element of psychology with it, and then you tie it in with technology and marry the two together, and you start making movements in the community in a positive direction. That’s where I enjoy myself, really seeing the results from inception to execution. Then, as we all know, community strategies evolve and change, so must the gamification strategy. It is a living, breathing thing that always needs attention. You can’t just set it and forget it.” — @MassMarotta

“I don’t know if community gets more fun as you get more experience, but it definitely gets more interesting as your process becomes more refined as a professional.” — @patrickokeefe

About Daniel Marotta

Daniel Marotta has been a community professional for over 10 years. He’s implemented community strategies that span financial services, high tech, manufacturing, and education industries. Daniel lives for customer advocacy and has been the voice of the customer for some of Fortune 500’s most prominent companies. He currently resides in Boston, MA and works for the industry leader in child care.

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