Community Experience is Part of the Customer Experience

After 8 months at construction software provider Procore Technologies, Jenn Chen is close to the finish line. The company will soon launch their online community.

The process of getting there is the focus of this episode, including how Jenn worked for interdepartmental support and buy-in, conducted surveys with beta users (what happens if they don’t actually want a community?) and where she’s at right now. Plus:

  • The conversation that led to her becoming a community pro
  • The word to say if you find yourself in a room of salespeople
  • How she has brought offline conversions, at conferences and events, online to the community

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Big Quotes

“People forget that the community experience is actually part of the customer experience.” -@jenntothechen

“[When trying to get support for community from other departments,] think about their metrics, think about the goals that they’re trying to hit and how community can help. For example, with sales, when I worked with support communities, I’d focus on how a lot of their customers would actually call them back after they signed, or started using our product, with support questions. Let’s say this one rep, in the course of a month, had three different customers call him for a total of 20 calls. I’d say, ‘[Instead of] these 20 calls, you could have called X number of accounts to book those accounts. This is how community is going to solve it, because if you point them to community, they’re not going to call you for support questions.'” -@jenntothechen

“I remember making the community pitch … when I was starting out, I’d be like, ‘Oh yes, community’s awesome, and it’s great, and our customers are going to love it.’ But once I mentioned ‘quota’; you mention that word in a room full of salespeople, and their eyes will light up, and they’ll pay attention to whatever you say.” -@jenntothechen

About Jenn Chen

Jenn Chen is the community manager at Procore Technologies. She has held previous roles at Lithium Technologies, Google and Intuit. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, baking, cheering on the Golden State Warriors and being a youth teacher.

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