Acing Your Next Community Job Search

When was the last time you looked at your resume? How about the last time you wrote down a list of everything you’ve worked on and accomplished at your current gig? If it’s been a while, this episode is going to come with some homework afterward.

Maria Ogneva, who has held senior community roles at companies like LinkedIn, Salesforce and Yammer, shares the story of how she turned a lost job into a “fun” journey. Fun is in quotes there because I’m sure that for most of us, the job hunt is hard to imagine as anything but daunting. But by the end of Maria’s story and hearing her tips on knowing your worth and putting yourself and your work out there, I myself became excited about the new tools and motivation that I have going into future job searches.

After you listen to this episode, I’d encourage you to revisit your LinkedIn, resume, or professional bio and make sure that it’s fresh. You never know when an interesting opportunity might come your way and you’ll need to forward it along!

Patrick and Maria discussed:

  • Breaking the work of community into small, manageable tasks
  • Approaching your job hunt from a place of empowerment
  • How to always be prepared for your next big opportunity
  • Tooting your own horn (that’s talking about your accomplishments)

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Big Quotes

“Imagine a community that you’re a part of. If you are asked to continuously deliver big, hairy projects, you probably wouldn’t come back to it. You have a job, maybe you have a family, you have hobbies, and so this community is asking you to do these big things, and that can be really demotivating. Instead, I think what really motivates people is breaking down whatever big tasks you have into small goals and figuring out how to also distribute the work across multiple people.” -@themaria

“It’s sometimes much easier to just do the whole project by yourself end-to-end, but just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. It always counts for more when you can do it with other people, especially in a community setting, because the community is not about you. It’s not about any one person. … If it’s really, truly a community, which presupposes a shared ownership, and a shared culture, and shared activity, you cannot and should not attempt to do anything by yourself.” -@themaria

“Just because you’re not employed does not mean that you can’t come at [your job search] from a position of strength. Just know your strengths and really believe that you have something to offer to whoever you’re talking to and that will make establishing the guardrails and being really honest about what you want that much easier. … Just because you don’t have a job in the hand does not mean that you have lost all leverage. Your experience, your network, they’re all great leverage.” -@themaria

About Maria Ogneva

Maria Ogneva is the director of online customer experience and community at FinancialForce. She has extensive experience in various roles in community and social strategy, customer development, and marketing. Maria is passionate about building communities and loves helping businesses better connect with their customers and employees. She has built world-class, global social and community programs at companies like LinkedIn, Yammer, Salesforce, Sidecar, Sumo Logic, and Attensity.

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