The Ups and Downs of My Community Management Job Search

As I mentioned on our last episode, I recently made a big career change. We talk about careers in community management, and how to advance, fairly regularly on the show. I also love to talk to guests who are in the moment.

I’m definitely in the moment, so why not put myself under the microscope, and talk about my own search for a new role? But I don’t want to just talk to myself. My friend Brandon Eley knows as much about my search as anyone else does, and he agreed to develop and host this week’s episode of the show. He pushed me to talk about the process I went through, and why I accepted this role, including:

  • What hiring managers saw as my weaknesses
  • Why I turned down or turned away certain jobs
  • A role I wanted, after going through the interview process, that didn’t want me

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About Brandon Eley

Brandon Eley is an ecommerce entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience. He is the founder of large shoe retailer, author of Online Marketing Inside Out, and author, blogger and speaker on ecommerce and online marketing.

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