The Community Management Jobs You Turn Down

What are the reasons why you would voluntarily end the interview process for a community role? If you give it some thought, you’ll probably come up with some!

Ryan Arsenault and Patrick share real stories from their careers, giving the reasons why they decided against continuing to interview with certain companies, including some you’ve heard of.

This leads to a conversation on the community opportunists, and how Web3 and NFT projects often fit into this category. What does it mean for your career if a rug pull happens on your NFT project? What responsibility do community industry players have in hyping these projects? After they remove the .eth from their handle, who is left holding the bag?

Patrick and Ryan also discuss:

  • The simple question Patrick asks recruiters to understand if what they are building is a community
  • Using “community” as a manipulation tactic
  • Why Web3 hype feels different from Web2 hype

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Big Quotes

A case where Ryan ended the interview for a community role (1:39): “[I have become] more experienced in identifying the red flags that might not set me up for success in [a community] role. … In one interview, the platform was purchased already. No community goals in mind. No strategy. How do you know if the platform is even going to meet your needs if you don’t know what you need the community for yet?” –@RyanArsenault

Does the community talk to each other? (10:48): “I got to talking with the [recruiter for a community role], and I realized something. I said, ‘Let me stop you for a second. These people that are in this community, do they talk to one another?’ She said, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Oh okay, I understand. I have to say I don’t think I’m right for this.’ … That’s just a different role from what I do.” –@patrickokeefe

Does buying an NFT make it a community? (12:35): “To me, the concept of buying an NFT, and then you’re part of a Discord community, doesn’t make it a community. A community’s built on trust and moderation.” –@RyanArsenault

Using “community” to keep people from leaving an NFT project (16:51): “When there’s a rug pull … whatever they were thinking they would get out of this NFT project, it’s gone now, or there’s almost no chance. To use the term ‘community’ as a way to try to make people feel better or to ensure they stay bought in with that project and don’t sell … it feels incredibly manipulative. … ‘We’re part of this community, we’re all in this together, hold on for dear life, we’re all going to make it,’ all that stuff. It’s all just social manipulation that’s been going on forever.” –@patrickokeefe

About Ryan Arsenault

Ryan Arsenault has been fascinated by the power of community as a member of online forums for two decades. He has managed communities for over 7 years, building strategy and scaling super user and advocacy programs, while establishing trust and lasting relationships. He has worked in pre- and post-IPO companies, and won a 2018 TheCR Connect Award for Best Recognition + Reward Program (for Mimecast community).


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