What Listeners Say About Community Signal

Our listeners are a diverse, influential group operating in many different verticals. They are community managers, directors of community, association management professionals, audience engagement editors and community-minded executives. Here’s a sample:

Consumer Communities

I feel like so much of what is spoken about in the ‘community’ realm is recycled news, voices and topics. Sure, this industry is older than all of us, and we’re all operating on most of the same principles, but the breadth of this industry goes beyond start-ups and tech. Community Signal is one of the few outlets that I can think of that conveys this breadth and diversity. Again, your listeners already know this, but to me it’s a strong selling point and one of the main reasons why I listen and am always eager to share it.

Carol Benovic-Bradley, Senior Manager of Community, Flickr

Associations and Professional Development Communities

I listen to Community Signal every single week. Patrick covers the community management issues that affect me and my position, and his advice – and that of his guests – has helped shape my own community management style. I’ve learned how to effectively communicate certain rules and policies that my community shares with other online communities, through advice given on Community Signal, and anxiously await each new episode.

Patrick’s easy conversation style makes me feel like a part of the chat, and I swear he reads my mind when he asks follow-up questions. He’s a great interviewer, and is obviously extremely passionate about community management.

Mindy Jensen, Community Manager, BiggerPockets

Community Signal, for me, has been about more than just how to manage your online communities well. Patrick not only brings in perspectives that help you build strong communities, but he also holds space for hard conversations that cause us to pause and take an honest look at what we’re doing and make changes where we need to. All of that helps shape and evolve the profession.

Marjorie Anderson, Project Manager, Digital Communities, Project Management Institute

I found Community Signal during my early days in the community space. I found the podcast to be integral in my journey as a community professional. Patrick’s interview style allows me as a listener to really come away with tangible tips and tricks from the guests he has on the show. Hearing about people’s journeys and growth continues to inspire me to experiment and explore areas in this industry I had no idea existed.

Faisa Mohamed, Co-Founder, Somalis in Tech

B2B and Enterprise Communities

I love Community Signal. As a newcomer to the community management space, I have been a bit overwhelmed on where to focus my attention or what I should even be considering is possible within communities. Community Signal has not only helped me define the space and my role, but also has fed my need for exploration. The podcast is well put together, professional and always interesting.

I always take away at least a few thoughts that I can directly apply to my real world use cases for my role as a community manager.

– Lucas Miller, Online Community Manager, Merrill Corporation


Community Signal is my go-to place to hear about the power and potential of community management. I’m currently developing and re-shaping an online community at a nonprofit, so hearing from professionals who have insight into the challenges we’re facing has been like gold dust.

Serena Snoad, Online Community Manager, Alzheimer’s Society

News Media and Audience Engagement

Community Signal is an essential listen for anyone who works to bring people together around what they do. It’s constant message is a vital one: We are not alone!

Andrew Losowsky, Project Lead, The Coral Project