Community Signal Guest Information

Thank you for your interest in being a guest on Community Signal. By filling out the questionnaire below, you are helping to make your episode of the show as great as it can be. I appreciate you taking the time.

I can look at your blog, Twitter and LinkedIn – and I will. But I want to try to get in your head a little bit, and learn about the challenges you are facing and the things you are thinking about, that maybe you haven’t shared yet online. I want to pull from your experience to discuss interesting work you have done, find particular areas of concern you have, identify topics within our profession that you feel passionate about right now and subjects where you are uniquely suited to offer thoughtful commentary.

If you own and operate your own community, or if you are a consultant, some of these form fields may not apply to you. Please feel free to answer them in the way that makes the most sense – or to simply skip them.

Please be detailed and specific. Sometimes, when a guest fills out this form, they provide vague, short answers. Please tell specific stories and talk about specific things. This is not a show just for new community professionals, but also for very experienced ones. This is not an interview show, and I tend to avoid vague, open-ended questions like “How do you build community?” Instead, it’s a conversation between us, where we talk about specific topics, based upon the unique, interesting experiences that you have had and challenges that you have encountered.

A Few Quick Notes About the Program

Community Signal is a community-focused show. There are plenty of social media and marketing podcasts out there. That’s not what this is. We try to maintain a strict community line, and so what we discuss in our conversation will satisfy that goal.

The show is hosted by me, Patrick O’Keefe. The show will be pre-recorded and edited by my producer, Karn Broad. Please block out 1 hour to record and, with any luck, the finished product will be between 30-40 minutes.

Audio ads may be read by me live during our session, or inserted into the show later. If, during our conversation, I refer to “Karn,” that means I am making a note for my producer. Feel free to say hi to Karn, as well!

For our scheduled time, please find a quiet spot to record. Ideally, you will have a wired internet connection, instead of Wi-Fi. We will record audio only, no video. You should wear headphones/earbuds and use the best mic you can. If you have a quality USB mic, that’s great. If you have to use your built-in laptop mic, that’s alright, too. Karn will make us both sound as great as possible.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Guest Questionnaire

About You
How would you like us to refer to you?
Links welcome. We may not use this verbatim, but will extract portions of it to properly introduce you.
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On our show, we don't give you a chance to plug links. Instead, we can mention links at your request, at the discretion of the host and show. Please suggest links here. This can include your company website, personal website, social media profiles, and more.
Please upload your current headshot, in a large and high quality format.
About Your Work
What are you responsible for on a day-to-day basis?
What team are you a part of, inside of your organization? Do you manage a team yourself? Who is it comprised of? If you're not currently managing a team, what teams have you managed in the past?
Where do you build community? What platforms do you use?
How is community judged at your organization? What metrics do you use to illustrate the value to the business? You can also mention interesting metrics from your past work or how you report on ROI for clients, if applicable.
About Community
Either as a participant or a career - or both.
This is the big one! Some of our greatest shows come from what guests share here. I like to get a sense of what challenges my guests have been thinking about lately. Even better if they haven't talked about those challenges in public.
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